What we do

CRH's diverse product range services the breadth of construction needs Find out more about Our Operations

CRH operates strong vertically-integrated heavyside materials businesses which have strategically located long-term reserves.

Innovative and highly-engineered products that close the building envelope and that provide expert solutions for construction projects.

Distribution channels which service construction fit-out and renewal.

Delivering a balanced business

Our unique balance across regions, products and all building and construction sectors is one of the key drivers of CRH strategy. The Group’s relentless focus on performance, our multiple growth platforms from which to pursue value-creating opportunities, our dedicated people with ambition to achieve, and the operating environment we have created which values strong governance and prudent policies, underpin the Group’s ability to deliver consistent performance.

Regional and product balance

CRH’s unique balance, both in terms of geographic spread and involvement across its core businesses, smooths the effects of varying economic conditions and provides greater opportunities for growth. 

Sectoral balance

CRH seeks to reduce the effects of varying demand patterns across building and construction end-use sectors by maintaining a balanced portfolio of products serving a broad customer base. End-use demand within the three construction sectors is divided between new build and repair, maintenance and improvement (RMI). End-use balance, which tends to trend towards RMI in developed economies, is counter-balanced by significant new build demand in developing economies.