8th September 2023 2 min read
New partnership to deliver smart water management solution in the US

Oldcastle Infrastructure, a CRH Company, is partnering with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology solutions provider, FIDO Tech, to deliver unparalleled leak detection and water conservation solutions in the US.

The US loses roughly two trillion gallons of treated drinking water annually, costing an estimated $7.5 billion*. Oldcastle Infrastructure's comprehensive suite of water infrastructure solutions, combined with FIDO Tech's advanced AI technologies, will provide municipalities, water utilities and industrial clients with real-time monitoring, leak detection and predictive analytics to identify and address treated drinking water losses.

Oldcastle Infrastructure will leverage its US-wide footprint and leading expertise in water management solutions to facilitate and accelerate the rollout of FIDO Tech’s leak detection technology designed to minimise water leakage, reduce downtime, and preserve valuable water resources.

At CRH, we are committed to advancing solutions to solve global water challenges. Through partnerships such as this, we are innovating to provide effective water management solutions that safeguard access to clean water and contribute to building a more sustainable future.