Since its formation in 1970 CRH has consistently paid dividends to its shareholders, a track record spanning over 50 years.

The Group targets long-term dividend growth consistent with its progressive dividend policy.

Here you will find information about how and when dividends are paid by CRH.

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May 2022

2021 Final Dividend of US$0.98 per Ordinary Share

Paid on 5 May 2022

October 2021

2021 Interim Dividend of US$0.23 per Ordinary Share

Paid on 8 October 2021

May 2021

2020 Final Dividend of US$0.93 per Ordinary Share

Paid on 5 May 2021

September 2020

2020 Interim Dividend of US$0.22 per Ordinary Share

Paid on 25 September 2020

April 2020

2019 Final Dividend of €0.63 per Ordinary Share

Paid on 28 April 2020

A Final Dividend of US$0.98 per Ordinary Share was paid on 5 May 2022 to shareholders registered at the close of business on 11 March 2022.

The 2021 Final dividend was declared in US Dollar and was paid wholly in cash. If shareholders received dividend payments in euro or Pounds Sterling, the exchange rate was (US$1:€0.9266 / US$1: GBP£0.7674)

Existing currency elections and currency payment defaults of registered shareholders remained in place unless revoked or otherwise amended by shareholders. Therefore, the final dividend was paid in euro, Pounds Sterling and US Dollar to shareholders in accordance with their existing payment instructions. If no such instructions were in place, the currency for dividend payments was based on shareholders’ addresses on CRH’s Share Register, or will, in the case of shares held in the Euroclear Bank system, continue to be paid automatically in euro, unless a currency election was made. Investors holding CREST Depositary Interests (“CDI”s) should refer to the CREST International Service Description. In respect of the interim dividend, the latest date for receipt by the Company’s registrar of currency elections (and DWT exemption forms) was 25 March 2022. Earlier closing dates may apply to holders in Euroclear Bank and in CREST.

Ordinary Shares quoted ex-dividend10 March 2022
Record Date for dividend11 March 2022
Latest date for receipt of currency elections25 March 2022
Latest date for receipt of completed bank mandate25 March 2022
Latest date for revocation of existing bank mandate25 March 2022
US Dollar to EURO/GBP exchange rate19 April 2022
Dispatch of dividend warrants4 May 2022
Dividend payment date5 May 2022

Dividends are paid to shareholders on the Register of Members on the record date for the dividend. Record dates are set by the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and Euronext Dublin. An interim dividend is normally declared by the Board of Directors in August of each year and is generally paid in September/October. A final dividend is normally recommended by the Board of Directors following the end of the fiscal year to which it relates and, if approved by the shareholders at an AGM, is generally paid in April/May of that year.

The payment of future cash dividends will be dependent upon future earnings, the financial condition of the Group and other factors.

Shareholders holding their shares in certificated form who wish to have their dividends paid direct to a bank account, by electronic funds transfer, can do so. The benefits and steps to register for electronic payments are set out in the Electronic Payments Leaflet.

To reflect the change in the Group’s reporting currency from US Dollar to euro with effect from 1 January 2020, since the 2020 interim dividend, dividends are declared in US Dollar. However, they are generally paid in euro. In order to avoid costs to shareholders, dividends are paid in Pounds Sterling and US Dollar to shareholders whose shares are held in certificated form and whose address, according to CRH’s Share Register, is in the UK and the US respectively (unless they require otherwise). Where shares are held in the Euroclear Bank system, dividends are automatically paid in euro unless a currency election is made. Investors holding CREST Depositary Interests (“CDI”s) should refer to the CREST International Service Description for information on currency elections in respect of CDIs. Dividends in respect of 7% ‘A’ Cumulative Preference Shares are paid half-yearly on 5 April and 5 October. Dividends in respect of 5% Cumulative Preference Shares are paid half-yearly on 15 April and 15 October.

Dividend Withholding Tax (DWT) must be deducted from dividends paid by an Irish resident company, unless a shareholder is entitled to an exemption and has submitted a properly completed exemption form to the Company’s Registrars, Link Asset Services, Link Registrars Limited.

DWT applies to dividends paid by way of cash or by way of shares under a scrip dividend scheme and is deducted at the standard rate of Income Tax (currently 25%). Non-resident shareholders and certain Irish companies, trusts, pension schemes, investment undertakings and charities may be entitled to claim exemption from DWT. Copies of the exemption form may be obtained from the Registrars. Shareholders should note that DWT will be deducted from dividends in cases where a properly completed form has not been received by the record date for a dividend. Individuals who are resident in Ireland for tax purposes are not entitled to an exemption.

YearInterim dividend per shareFinal dividend per shareTotal dividend per shareDividend Cover1

1 Represents earnings per Ordinary Share divided by dividends per Ordinary Share

2 Before impairment charges and related tax credit