Europe Materials

Europe Materials Overview

With market leading positions and a wide geographic reach, CRH is the number one Heavyside Materials business in Europe. Our Europe Materials Division comprises aggregates, cement, lime, asphalt, readymixed concrete, precast concrete and paving & construction operations.

What we do:

Our vertically integrated Europe Materials business is founded in resource-backed cement and aggregates assets, which support the manufacture and supply of aggregates, asphalt, lime, cement and readymixed concrete. Our materials are used extensively in a wide range of construction projects from major public infrastructure, to commercial buildings and residential structures. Customers typically range from national, regional and local governments, to building contractors and other construction product and service providers. In addition to an ability to leverage the benefits of scale and best practice, our businesses are differentiated in their markets by a proven track record in understanding the unique needs of local customers and successfully delivering for those customers.

How we create value:

Our portfolio of businesses is managed through a focus on value creation. We place great emphasis on performance improvement initiatives across our businesses and seek to create value through optimisation of the asset base, maximising Group synergies and leveraging commercial and operational excellence.
The scale of our operations provides economies in purchasing and logistics management. Our commitment to sustainability is evidenced by extensive use of alternative fuels and the manufacture of low carbon cements. Enhanced alignment and collaboration leads to value creation throughout our extensive network of well-invested facilities. With a strong pipeline of opportunities across regions, our development strategy is focused on identifying and integrating bolt-on acquisitions for synergies, reserves and further vertical integration, in addition to opportunities in contiguous regions to extend and strengthen regional positions.

How we are structured:

In Europe the Division is organised into four primarily geographical regions to leverage market synergies and economies of scale, with a small number of central support functions. Our four European operational clusters are: Tarmac UK, Europe North, Europe West and Europe East. In Asia, our operations comprise cement operations in the Philippines along with equity accounted investments in Northeast China and Southern India. In Europe the Division employs approximately 25,900 people at close to 1,140 locations. In Asia, approximately 1,300 people are employed at 12 operating locations with a further 7,300 people in our equity accounted investments.

At a glance

  • 22 countries
  • 27,200 employees
  • 1,150 operating locations



Europe Materials at a Glance Piechart

Europe Materials Countries and Regions

  • Europe Countries:

  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands

  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom
  • Asia Countries

  • Philippines
  • India
  • China

Europe Materials Leadership Positions

Activities Market Leadership Positions
Cement Top 3 Europe
  No. 1 Finland, Ireland, Slovakia, UK, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, India (50%)

  No. 2 Hungary,Ukraine, Philippines Serbia, Switzerland, Northeast China (28%)

  No. 3 Romania

  No. 4 France, Poland
Aggregates No. 1 Finland, Ireland, UK

  No. 2 Switzerland
Readymixed Concrete No. 1 Finland, Ireland, Poland, Spain (Regional)

  No. 2 Switzerland

  No. 3 UK

Lime No. 2 Europe

  No. 1 Ireland, UK

  No. 2 Poland, Germany, Czech Republic

Concrete Products No. 1 Europe

  No. 1 Structural Concrete: Denmark

  No. 1 Structural Concrete & Flooring: Benelux

  No. 2 Utility Precast: France

  No. 1 Precast Structural Elements: Hungary

  No. 1 Blocks: Ireland, UK

  No. 2 Rooftiles: Ireland

  No. 1 Landscaping Products: Finland

  No. 2 Paving products: Denmark

Asphalt No. 1 Ireland, UK

Europe Materials Sector Exposure

Europe Materials Sector Exposure Pie Chart 1

Europe Materials Sector Exposure Pie Chart 2

Europe Materials Volumes

Material Annualised Sales Volumes*
Cement 33.7m tonnes
115.7m tonnes
11.3m tonnes
Readymixed concrete
17.6m m3
Lime 7.7m tonnes
Concrete products
6.4m tonnes

*Volumes shown are on an annualised basis which reflects the full-year impact of development activity during the year and may vary from actual volumes sold.

Europe Materials Reserves

  Physical Location Proven & Probable

(million tonnes)
Period to depletion

Cement Ireland 205 76
  Poland 297 73
  Spain 85 231
  Switzerland 22 17
  Ukraine 125 44
  France 89 32
  Germany 153 55
  Romania 237 56
  Serbia 107 135
  Slovakia 299 138
  UK 274 68
411 60
Aggregates Finland 185 16
  Ireland 1,096 70
  Poland 146 48
  Spain 105 56
  France 242 27
  Romania 54 32
  UK 1,403 34
62 134
  Other 186 21
Lime Czech Republic, Ireland, Poland, UK 115 34
  Germany 263