Sustainability Strategy

CRH has placed sustainability and corporate social responsibility at the heart of its business model, strategy and activities worldwide.

For almost five decades, CRH has grown to be a leader in the building materials industry by building better businesses across our international operations. The fundamentals of how we do business are managed within an established sustainability framework, based on four policy areas:

For each of these areas, the Group defines and implements policies, develops management systems, monitors performance, all the time incorporating stakeholder feedback and aiming for continuous improvement.

CRH is working to embed the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into its sustainability approach, believing that working towards shared purposes is important. Launched in 2015, the UN SDGs are a global call to action for people, planet and prosperity. They include 17 bold commitments and 169 targets to be delivered by 2030. CRH is focusing its efforts towards delivery of four of the UN SDGs, chosen in process to define where the Group could have the greatest potential influence and impact.

CRH’s emphasis on value-creation ensures that the Group is extending its positive influence across the value chain whilst delivering tangible top and bottom line benefits. Sustainability for CRH is also about organisational longevity. Being commercially sustainable, finding new sources of competitive advantage and attracting the best talent ensures that the business can thrive long-term.

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