At CRH, we believe ‘there is never a good business reason to do the wrong thing’. We view integrity and good governance as fundamental to long-term business success and we are committed to meeting the highest standards of business conduct and corporate governance.

This belief sums up our culture and guides the behaviours set out in our Code of Business Conduct (CoBC), which is underpinned by policies including Anti-Fraud & Anti-Theft; Anti-Bribery; Competition/Anti-Trust Code; Ethical Procurement; and the Supplier Code of Conduct.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) plays a critical role in how we respond to a world of increasing uncertainty. Sustainability risks relating to areas such as health and safety, emissions, energy efficiency, climate change and local communities are covered through our ERM processes and assessed on an ongoing basis.

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CRH Code of Business Conduct employee training

Our CoBC training programme, which includes an e-Learning component, has at its core the aim of ensuring that everyone in CRH understands that there is never a good business reason to do the wrong thing.

All new employees are required to complete our CoBC training. Employees working in higher risk areas undertake annual online training as well as face-to-face Advanced Compliance Training (ACT) on policies covering Competition, Anti-Bribery and Anti-Fraud/ Anti-Theft principles on a three-year cycle. All policies and training programmes are available in 23 languages.

CoBC online employee training portal