As a leading building materials business, we have a responsibility to meet the demands for ever-expanding sustainable cities while contributing to a low-carbon circular economy.

We strongly believe in leading by example and implementing environmental best practices to drive continuous improvement, reduce our potential impacts and meet stakeholders’ increasing expectations around sustainability. To ensure a consistent approach, we apply our Environmental Policy across all our operating companies.

We have a long and successful history of meeting ambitious targets for reducing CO2 emissions from our activities. Looking to the future, we are committed to playing our part towards delivering a carbon neutral future with our ambition to achieve carbon neutrality along the cement and concrete value chain by 2050.

Case Studies

OPTERRA green bridge biodiversity project

OPTERRA, part of our Europe Materials Division, supplied the concrete for the green bridge structure of the Bundesstraße motorway project in Southern Bavaria. This project, which runs through a forest area, includes the construction of the motorway as well as 14 additional structures. The green bridge, completed in May 2019, is intended to serve as an aid to wild animals, enabling them to cross the busy motorway, thus reducing the impact of the project on surrounding biodiversity.

Bundesstraße motorway project in Southern Bavaria

Tarmac trials innovative new rubber road surface

With up to 40 million waste tyres produced every year in the UK, Tarmac, part of our Europe Materials Division in the UK, has created an innovative asphalt mix using granulated rubber as a means of recycling end-of-life tyres into roads. As part of its commitment to the circular
economy, Tarmac has estimated that it will be possible to reuse up to 750 waste tyres for every kilometre of road surfaced with this new material.

Tarmac asphalt mix using granulated rubber

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