We have embedded sustainability at the heart of our business strategy and culture. These principles are fundamental to meeting the increasing demand for more sustainable building solutions and achieving our long-term vision.

Our SDG focus

Our actions contribute to the delivery of global initiatives including the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Though we contribute to all 17 SDGs in some way, we have identified four focus goals where we believe our actions have the greatest potential to make a real and lasting difference.

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Industry, innovation and infrastructure

We embrace multiple breakthrough technologies across our activities and products, in order to enable and inspire more sustainable construction and infrastructure.

Sustainable cities and communities

We provide high quality products, services and sustainable building solutions to support the overall optimisation of urban systems and help to create sustainable and resilient cities.

Responsible consumption and production

We are increasing the use of alternative fuels and materials within our activities and products. We’re also ensuring that we use natural resources more efficiently to minimise waste and our environmental impact.

Climate action

We design for resilient construction and are adapting our processes as we work towards our 2050 ambition for carbon neutrality along the cement and concrete value chain.

Stakeholder engagement

Our businesses are at the forefront of a changing global construction market, where demand for sustainable products and solutions continues to grow and evolve. Through meaningful engagement with stakeholders, we continue to develop and strengthen relationships to overcome challenges and contribute to sustainable progress.

We maintain positive relationships with our stakeholders through ongoing engagement and consultation. Feedback from stakeholder engagement is reported to, and carefully considered by, the Safety, Environmental and Social Responsibility Committee and the Board.

Our stakeholders include investors, customers, employees, suppliers, NGOs, communities, assessment organisations, advocacy groups and other interested parties.