Developing a more sustainable built environment is one of the biggest contributions we can make to society. Our ambition is to continue to drive improvement and growth across all areas of sustainability, creating financial and non-financial value.

How we view sustainability

We aim to positively contribute to society through the delivery of materials and products that enhance the sustainability of structures and consider the needs of our communities. Sustainability is fundamental to achieving our vision and is embedded in our business strategy and approach.

How we create sustainable value

Sustainability principles are fully embedded in our business model, culture and strategy – and fundamental to achieving our long-term vision. By considering the full life-cycle of our products and innovating to drive more sustainable outcomes in the built environment, we aim to have a positive impact on wider society and the environment while increasing our ability to drive profits and long-term value.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

As well as being beneficial for our business, our ambitions also have an outward focus. Our actions are intended to contribute to the delivery of key initiatives, such as the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have integrated sustainability principles into our business model and we are focusing our efforts towards delivery of the following four UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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UN Sustainable Development Goal #9

We are supporting this goal through increasing innovation and design across our activities and products to enable and inspire more sustainable construction and infrastructure.

UN Sustainable Development Goal #11

We support this goal by providing specific infrastructure, technology, services and building solutions to support the overall optimisation of urban systems and create sustainable and resilient cities.

UN Sustainable Development Goal #12

We are supporting this goal through increasing the use of alternative fuels and materials within our activities and products and ensuring that we use natural resources more efficiently to minimise waste and our environmental impact.

UN Sustainable Development Goal #13

We support this goal by reducing our carbon dioxide emissions
through our science-based target at a 2˚ scenario that
has been independently verified to be in line with the Paris Agreement objectives.

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