“To create long-term value, we embed sustainability principles in all areas of our business strategy, across our global footprint of 3,100 locations.”

Sustainability principles are fully embedded in our business model, culture and strategy – and fundamental to achieving our long-term vision.

For over 40 years, we have built a strong platform for growth through investment in our businesses and acquisitions that broaden our geographical footprint and product portfolio.

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2019 Sustainability Report

The 2019 Sustainability Report is our seventeenth Report and we are committed to continuing to measure and report extensively on our sustainability performance.

We have expanded on the reporting of key non-financial metrics and performance indicators in the Annual Financial Report in the areas of workplace safety, climate change and workplace inclusivity.

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Case Studies

Take a look at some examples of how we are actively putting our sustainability priorities into practice.

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Our Priorities

We have identified six key priorities which are key to delivering on our targets and keeping our business sustainable.

Our Sustainability Priorities

Highlighting the six key priority areas

Our Group-level targets focus our efforts on the areas that are most important for delivering long-term value by managing our sustainability risks and opportunities. They are complemented by business specific metrics, monitoring and reporting to track results across key areas such as safety, energy efficiency and resource efficiency.

Our culture of safety sets us apart and is driven by employees and management at every level as we work to achieve our common goal – that nobody gets hurt at work.
We have a responsibility to ensure strong environmental management to drive continuous improvement and reduce our impacts. It also delivers financial benefits and helps to protect our licence to operate. We focus on harnessing sustained value from our environmental strategies in all areas of our business.
With operating companies in 30 countries, we are a multinational and multicultural organisation. We treat our employees with integrity and fairness and clear requirements are set out in Group policies and guidelines.
Our organisation and culture is focused on serving the individual needs of customers around the world. We work with customers to innovate the design, delivery and application of sustainable products.
We engage with multiple stakeholders around the world, serving as a materials and products provider to millions of projects, an employer to thousands and operating as a family of businesses immersed in our local communities. We take an inclusive, collaborative and responsive approach to developing stakeholder relationships, while empowering our businesses to deliver local engagement in an inclusive and transparent way.
To create long-term value, we embed sustainability principles in all areas of our business strategy. As we grow our business, we have a unique opportunity to contribute to solving some of the key sustainable development challenges facing society.