19th May 2023 2 min read
Tarmac low-carbon concrete mixes, the solution of choice.

Tarmac, A CRH Company, has successfully trialled the use of two low-carbon concrete mixes at the Hexham Flood Alleviation Scheme in the northeast of England.

The scheme includes more than 600 metres of flood walls and grass embankments built along the banks of the River Tyne and the Skinnersburn. Flooding has caused severe damage to homes in the area in recent years and with the increased likelihood of flooding in the future, the defence scheme is designed to protect the town of Hexham from further damage.

This trial, the culmination of an 18-month project, was conducted in collaboration with contractor BAM and the UK’s Environment Agency and is the first time that Tarmac’s low-carbon concretes have been used in a permanent structure.

A brace of ultra-low-carbon concrete mixes form the base and walls of the new flood defence structure.

Both concretes have been rigorously tested for long-term durability and offer a 70% and 64% respective reduction in CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) per cubic metre of concrete delivered to site compared to concrete made from standard CEM I cement.

At CRH, we are innovating for a low carbon future.

Low-impact products and solutions – like Tarmac’s low-carbon concrete mixes – help to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change and are an important part of our roadmap to decarbonise our business.