5th February 2024 3 min read
Programme for start-ups to drive forward innovation in road construction

CRH’s venture capital unit, CRH Ventures, has launched a new accelerator programme, Roads of the Future, targeting ConstructionTech and ClimateTech start-ups across the road building ecosystem.

CRH is the leader in solutions for sustainable road construction across North America and Europe and the programme offers start-ups the opportunity to leverage CRH’s position to pilot and scale new technologies in collaboration with key operating companies.

The programme invites start-ups developing innovative solutions in three critical segments of the roadbuilding ecosystem - Smart and Safe Roads, Green and Resilient Roads, and Productivity in Road Construction - to continue innovating our road building solutions.

CRH is committed to developing road solutions leveraging new technologies that meet the needs of our customers and the evolving trends in construction and this programme is a key step forward.

This is the second accelerator launched by CRH Ventures. It follows the successful water solutions accelerator programme launched in May 2023, reinforcing our Group’s commitment to drive forward innovation in sustainable construction.

Read more about the Roads of the Future accelerator.