8th December 2023 3 min read
Reaffirming our ambition to become a net-zero business by 2050

CRH’s sustainability leaders are participating in the United Nations’ Climate Conference (COP28) in Dubai to reaffirm our ambition to becoming a net-zero business by 2050 and to connect and collaborate with key stakeholders on creating a more sustainable built environment.

How CRH is contributing across key COP28 themes

Emissions reduction

  • Decarbonisation – we continue to make progress on our industry-leading target to deliver a 30% reduction in absolute carbon emissions by 2030.

Technology and innovation

  • Accelerating investment – our $250 million venturing and innovation fund supports the development of new technologies and innovative solutions to meet the increasingly complex needs of our customers and help to construct a more sustainable built environment.

Energy transition

  • Laying the foundations – our sustainable, integrated infrastructure solutions support solar and wind energy installations and electric vehicle charging stations.

Urban water resilience

  • Solving challenges – delivering innovative water infrastructure solutions to capture, treat, manage and distribute water resources to support growing communities.


  • Contributing to the circular economy – recycling 42 million tonnes of alternative fuels and materials in our processes and products across our business.


  • Alliance building – our recently announced partnership with Volvo to accelerate net-zero innovations in the design and deployment of on-road vehicles and off-road equipment used in construction.

CRH’s commitment to sustainability has been deeply embedded in all aspects of our business for decades, and this will continue to be a strategic and commercial imperative.

We see significant value creating opportunities that can deliver for all our key stakeholders, and through our climate actions and solutions we are determined to help create a more sustainable, net-zero built environment.