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Swiss Competition Commission Investigation

30 May 2014

The secretariat of the Competition Commission in Switzerland has invited CRH plc’s Swiss subsidiaries BR Bauhandel AG, Gétaz-Miauton SA and Regusci Reco SA, to comment on a proposal to impose sanctions on the Association of Swiss Wholesalers of the Sanitary Industry and all other major Swiss wholesalers, including CRH’s subsidiaries, regarding the pending investigation into the sanitary (bathroom fixtures and fittings) industry in Switzerland. The secretariat alleges competition law infringements and proposes a total fine of approximately CHF 283 million on all parties, of which approximately CHF 119 million (€98 million) is attributable to CRH’s Swiss subsidiaries, based on Swiss turnover.

CRH believes that the position of the secretariat is fundamentally ill-founded and views the proposed fine as unjustified.  The Group intends to respond to this effect in its comments to the secretariat.  The decision of the Competition Commission on this matter, which is likely to be communicated by the end of 2014/early 2015, can be appealed to the Federal Administrative Tribunal, and ultimately to the Federal Supreme Court.

Frank Heisterkamp Head of Investor Relations

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