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Change in Segmental Reporting

08 August 2016

Following the significant acquisition activity undertaken during 2015, CRH has made some adjustments to its segmental reporting structure.

The LH Assets acquired in Q3 2015 have been fully integrated into the Group and will be reported as part of Europe Heavyside, Americas Materials and a newly created Asia reporting segment in our 2016 Interim Results announcement on Thursday, 25 August 2016.

Schedule 1 shows proforma figures for these segments for H1 2015. They have been adjusted to include proforma results attributable to the LH Assets and for C.R. Laurence (“CRL”, also acquired in Q3 2015) for that period and exclude contributions from divested entities and certain one-off items. In addition they reflect a currency translation adjustment in order to provide comparatives on a constant currency basis with the first half 2016 figures for CRH which will be announced later this month.

Schedule 2 presents segmental sales and EBITDA for FY 2015 restated on the new reporting structure. Full year Group sales and EBITDA including the proforma FY 2015 contributions from the LH Assets and CRL acquisitions are also provided for comparison purposes.

For further information, please contact CRH plc at Dublin 404 1000 (+353 1 404 1000).

Frank Heisterkamp
Head of Investor Relations

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