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CRH plc announces share repurchase programme

03 January 2008

CRH plc, the international building materials group, announces that the Board has decided to introduce a share repurchase programme of up to 5% of the 547 million shares currently in issue. Shares repurchased on CRH’s behalf under the programme will be held as Treasury Shares.

As shares will initially be repurchased during the close period prior to the announcement of CRH’s Preliminary Results for 2007 on Tuesday 4 March 2008, CRH has entered irrevocable non-discretionary agreements with Davy Stockbrokers and UBS to purchase shares during this close period which runs from 4 January 2008 up to and including 3 March 2008.

Any purchases will be effected within certain pre-set parameters, and in accordance with both CRH’s general authority to repurchase shares and Chapter 9 of the Irish Listing Rules which require that the maximum price paid be limited to no more than 105 per cent of the average market value of CRH’s shares for the 5 business days immediately preceding the date of purchase. CRH confirms that it currently has no unpublished price sensitive information.

Contact CRH at Dublin 404 1000 (+353 1 404 1000)

Liam O’Mahony Chief Executive
Myles Lee Finance Director
Éimear O’Flynn Head of Investor Relations
Maeve Carton Group Controller

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