One business, many companies

For over 40 years, we have contributed to some of North America’s most essential building projects, whether it’s your local highway, your city’s skyline, or the backyard of your home.​

You may know us by many names - from Oldcastle Infrastructure to Preferred Materials or Staker Parson Materials & Construction, just to name a few - but wherever you see ‘A CRH Company’, you know you are doing business with us.

Our values in action

At CRH, we put Safety first, every time. Our companies take Safety seriously and are constantly innovating to improve the way we do things, both big and small.​

One example is in our Materials businesses, where we developed a system called Halo Lights, to provide better visibility during night-work operations, that help ensure our road paving teams go home safe at the end of each working shift.

Big challenges call for big capabilities

With North America’s largest building product offering, robust logistics capabilities, design expertise and extensive capacity, we can tackle the most challenging projects. ​

We can supply product in over 25 CSI Masterformat® divisions, making the construction product procurement process more efficient.

We connect the people, places and things that matter​


From bridges and highways to communications and utilities, we provide the infrastructure that keeps you connected and protected.​


From skyscrapers to storefronts and stadiums, we provide interior and exterior solutions to create the beautiful, functional buildings where you work, shop and play.​


From pavers for your driveway to mulch for your backyard and all-glass shower enclosures, we provide the function you need with the aesthetics you want.