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The Tappan Zee Bridge, a 3.1 mile, state-of-the-art, twin-span bridge of the Hudson River, is one of the widest cable-stay bridges in the world, and that is not its only claim to fame. Located less than 20 miles north of New York City, the cable-stayed span crosses one of the widest parts of the river and will be the largest bridge in New York State history. The $3.98 billion Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge is also one of the largest single design-build contracts for a transportation project in the United States.

CRH Americas
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Paving & Construction
New York, United States

Tilcon NY, a CRH Company, is the paving and asphalt contractor for the major construction project to revitalize the bridge and ease congestion for millions of motorists. The project used 15,000 tons of Rosphalt, a modified asphalt supplied by our Riverdale, N.J. plant, that is a thermoplastic polymer additive which is produced at higher than conventional mix temperatures with very narrow performance specifications. When combined with traditional asphalt, it can render the asphalt waterproof. And, as an added benefit, it can help lengthen the life of traditional asphalt so the bridge will continue to meet transportation needs for years to come.