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Ancon made and supplied over 100,000 rebar couplers for the Queensferry Crossing in Scotland, the longest three-tower, cable-stayed bridge in the world. It is the latest in a series of bridges spanning the Firth of Forth in a bid to reduce traffic congestion.

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Firth of Forth, United Kingdom

The challenge

With a ground-breaking project of this scale, a high specification solution was required for connecting the concrete structures in the bridge. Connections had to be corrosion resistant, retain their strength if there is any concrete degradation, and be extremely fatigue resistant.

The solution

Ancon manufactured and supplied over 100,000 rebar couplers to the project, which were used in the concrete support towers, end piers and road deck. The hidden but vital role for Ancon’s product was to ensure that these sections were mechanically connected end-to-end throughout the structure.