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In 2016, Danish property developer FB Gruppen decided to transform a former wholesale marketplace for flowers, fruit and vegetables in Copenhagen into a new residential area for 4,500 people. Ensuring it was a modern and attractive new neighbourhood, while still retaining a link with its trading past, was important to the developer. To help create such an environment, growth houses on top of all properties were included in the design, as was a big park in the middle of the development, green roofs, and a feature fruit garden with apple trees.

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Infrastructural Concrete
Copenhagen, Denmark
The challenge

With a construction period of five to six years expected, one of the big challenges was ensuring a well-functioning and efficient process with minimum disruption in the area and minimum delays.

The solution

From the start the developer had a modular mindset and an interest in a construction process and outcome that was strong on precast elements. Developing an area of 245,000 square metres required a highly organised approach, and they were looking for a professional supplier with large capacity to ensure delivery of this ambitious project.

CRH Denmark Concrete was selected as a key contractor, supplying FB Gruppen with the precast materials for all 20 building projects within the development. A development plan and timeline were agreed, with one of the 20 phases starting every three months. CRH Denmark Concrete guaranteed delivery of all necessary precast elements – on time and to the precise spec required – allowing FB Gruppen to maintain a steady schedule, in conjunction with Ingcon, their construction management and design partners.

Due to be completed in 2021, the project flow continues to work smoothly and efficiently, with CRH Denmark Concrete consistently involved in two to three project packages at all times. In total, we will deliver more than 305,000 square metres of wall panels and almost 234,000 square metres of hollow core slabs for this highly-anticipated new living space.

The outcome

CRH Denmark Concrete has gained valuable experience from this project to date and, due to the meticulous planning involving all partners, been able to take learnings from one phase and apply them at the design stage of others to achieve greater efficiencies and synergies. As a result of CRH Denmark Concrete’s professional delivery, we have also agreed on new projects with the same developer.