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The Innovation, Science and Technology (IST) building of Florida Polytechnic University was named one of the 16 most beautiful buildings in the world in 2016. CRH’s businesses were involved in the project through the provision of aggregates, architectural glass, infrastructural concrete products and concrete accessories.

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Infrastructure Products
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Florida, United States

Aptly named, the IST is a visual representation of Florida Poly's core values in innovation, science and technology, featuring vaulted ceilings, bright open spaces, eco-friendly outdoor pergolas providing shade to the first floor Arcade and second floor terraces, rotating to diffuse 60 percent of the sun and therefore reducing solar heat gain.

Geography and weather conditions in Lakeland played a considerable part in the building's design. Temperatures average a balmy 82 degrees throughout the year in Central Florida, and range between mid-to-upper 90s over the summer. This drove a need for lightweight yet efficient building materials that could stand up to the local temperatures. In addition, the area's significant rain and hurricane season resulted in the need for durable construction that could stand up to hurricane-force winds.

Through early collaboration, and one point of contact with the CRH Building Solutions team, the building’s leader contractor, Skanska USA was able to leverage building material recommendations from several CRH businesses.