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Renovated in 2019, this stunning esplanade in Almere, The Netherlands contributes to the green image of the city, while also providing an ideal space for both relaxation and outdoor festivities – including exhibitions and concerts.

CRH Europe
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Architectural Products
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Almere, The Netherlands
The challenge

When finished, the new esplanade needed to be both aesthetically pleasing while also being spacious and accessible enough for large public events, such as the local triathlon.

The solution

The finished design consisted of three elements: grass, asphalt for the footpaths and white concrete seating edges provided by CRH Company Struyk Verwo Infra. The white concrete creates an eye-pleasing contrast with the darker asphalt used elsewhere in the esplanade, while also providing adequate seating for local residents to enjoy this stunning outdoor space.

Struyk Verwo Infra’s concrete seating is also specially coated to make it easy to remove any graffiti.