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The sky was the limit for the ingenuity of Halfen, a product brand of Leviat, A CRH Company, as it developed a new process for installing this impressive façade. It successfully delivered a special construction of cast-in channels for fixing the Curtainwall Facade for the tallest building in the world.

CRH Europe
Product Type(s)
Construction Accessories
Dubai, UAE

The challenge

The unique design of the Burj tower, with its curved exterior, meant there was no tolerance for installation or fabrication errors. In addition the wind load, which acts like a suction force on the upper part of the Burj Dubai, is enormous, necessitating specialist solutions. This meant that the façade had to be designed and installed to meet these challenges.

The solution

Leviat delivered special Halfen cast-in channels for fixing the curtainwall facade. The glazing panels, up to 6.4m tall, were hung off 25,000 Halfen cast-in fixings and slotted together with no need for extra sealant. Since there was no comparable building, Leviat calculated the load exactly for each anchorage point. The tower accomplished a world record for the highest installation of an aluminum and glass façade, at a height of 512 metres.