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Considering Amazon’s mission is "to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online," it is not surprising that it has more than 100 fulfilment centres located across the United States. Layton Construction, a national construction services firm, selected CRH as the supplier of choice for national account projects to construct these fulfilment centres across the US for Amazon.

CRH Americas
Product Type(s)
Readymixed Concrete
Infrastructure Products
OR, UT, and WA, United States

For the location in Salt Lake City, Utah, it was estimated that it would take 40 days to complete the building pad alone. Being able to open these facilities quickly so Amazon could start shipping products to their customers was high priority. Our ability to bring in trucks and equipment from outside the project area, meant the building pad could be finished in just 12 days, cutting the schedule down by weeks.

Partnering with CRH to identify solutions early on in a project’s lifecycle, which considered how best to coordinate materials and complex schedules and leverage the resources of CRH’s network of regional businesses, was a way for our customer Leyton Construction to differentiate itself from the competition.

CRH products included: aggregates, readymixed concrete, precast stormwater boxes and pipes, electrical vaults, landscape aggregates and asphalt, and precast wall panels.